Sento Towel: An Incredible Upgrade for an Everyday Essential

Created by Sento

Creating a remarkable bath towel. Meticulous design, exceptional materials with Japanese craftsmanship.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Free $15 to Celebrate New Shipping Center in USA
10 months ago – Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 12:28:26 AM






Rain Socks


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Only 4 Days to Go, Don't Miss Out on VIP Prices
10 months ago – Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 12:24:24 AM


Wow we cannot believe it. Just 4 days left in our second successful Kickstarter campaign. We want to thank everyone who supported Sento in the beginning for making this possible. See below on how to get the best deal on your Sento Bathrobe.


Get Exclusive Loyalty Deals

Get on board now and you will receive robes at the super early bird price. We increased our super early bird specials so that backers could jump on but they filled up fast.


For the VIP treatment just follow these steps.  

Visit our campaign page HERE and check out our robes

1. Pledge to the $5 level  

2. Edit your pledge to be multiples of the super early bird prices below.  

3. Message us and we will make the changes  

4. Enjoy your 100% high quality cotton robes.

Prices are in AUD and include shipping  

              SB Quilted $171.00 (130 USD)  

              SB Quilted Set $201.00 (159 USD)  

              SB Waffle $118.00 (89 USD)  

              SB Waffle Set $158.00 (119 USD)

Would You Like Multiple Items?


Maybe you would like to enjoy the robes with a friend or loved one? For your support we are happy to give you as many robes as you would like at the super early bird prices. 

Just include multiples of the prices. Shipping is per item so does not change. For example a pledge for a quilted robe and a waffle robe would look like this

Pledge Level AU$5 + AU$284= AU$289 (171+118) or US$226

If you have any questions please feel free to message us.


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US Distribution Center
10 months ago – Thu, Feb 01, 2018 at 11:15:17 PM



Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce we have secured a shipping and distribution center in the US. It will be up and running mid February.


From our new center in Dallas Texas we will be able to fulfill orders in 1-7 days (with an average time of 2-3 days). We are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experiences and we know this will be a big step to improving services to US customers.

When will it be up exactly, will there be a sale to celebrate?

We will let you know exactly when later this month and yes, there will be a sale as well. Not only faster but also cheaper Sento towels!


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First Portable Voice Assistant For Productivity

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Your Shower. Your Space. Enjoy Touchless™ by Curvi™

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Luminiser Lantern | Powerful LED light from a tea candle

The Luminiser’s patented technology transforms the heat energy from a single tea light candle into a powerful LED lantern! CLICK HERE




Your Support has Helped our Business Grow
11 months ago – Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 11:36:19 PM


Hello Everyone,

As many of you remember the biggest challenge of the Sento Towel campaign was shipping and we successfully shipped over 70,000 towels. 

We are happy to announce we are in the final stages of negotiations with several domestic shipping partners in the US. This will reduce shipping times from 2-3 weeks for US customers to 1-6 days, with a premium 1-2 day option.

Thank You

This would not have been possible without your help. As a small start up large shipping services are unwilling to give competitive rates, with your help we now have the sales volume to get the best shipping services for your towels.

Our New Project

If you haven't already, check out our latest project. If you back us send us a message to let us know you are a VIP return backer for the best deals.



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Only $50,000 more to go!
11 months ago – Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 10:47:16 PM


Hi Everyone,

It has been another great week for our new campaign and it has been fantastic to have so much support. We are happy to announce we are half way to our latest stretch goal of AU$300,000 (US$240,000). It looks like everyone will be getting a free face towel.


Current Retail Price US$24
Current Retail Price US$24


The final days of campaigns are often some of the busiest. With 24 days to go we are getting ready to really ramp up the campaign! 



We are so confident that we are already planning the next stretch goal. What do you think it should be?



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